Delicious honey from the beautiful gardens of Wimbledon.

If you have a spare plot of land in Wimbledon that you would like to put to good use, (the bottom of a large garden or a field or plot of land that doesn't get used), we'd love to put some hives on it! You would be paid with a plentiful supply of ‘nature's gold’ of course!


Our honey is your honey.

If you have a garden in Wimbledon then you have probably contributed to this jar of honey, so thank you! Thousands of bees have been busy collecting sweet nectar from the beautiful gardens in Wimbledon to create this delicious jar of ‘nature’s gold’.

We (Nick and Gracie) started beekeeping in 2014 with two hives in our small garden in Wimbledon. We now produce around 1000 jars of honey a year.

We give this out to neighbours, friends and family and then sell the remaining jars in Wimbledon. There’s nothing better than tasting something from your own garden, we hope that you enjoy your jar as much as we do.

Our hive of bees have flown around 55,000 miles, visiting 2 million flowers just to make this one jar of honey. Now isn’t that amazing!

Pure Wimbledon honey,
nothing else.

Except relentlessly hard work from the bees and huge amounts of passion from Nick and Gracie.